PannoShock: Inflatable Ride Control



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The Pannoshock is an inflatable shock system that cushions massive airs and relieves pressure off ankles, knees, and lower back for effortless riding. Compatible with any kneeboard made, Frankie’s PannoShock will only help to fuel the fire Frankie has started and launch the sport into the future.

“After a major Trampoline training accident over 15 years ago, I had no choice but to come up with some way to ride without my knee closing all the way. I began dev

elopment by cutting foam from pool floats util I got the right shape that worked. Now we have a shape that works for any rider on any kneeboard that’s also inflatable for easy travels and no extra weight while riding. Just adjust the amount of air that’s best for you and you’ll be able to ride a kneeboard again without crushing your ankles or back. This is a game changer for sure.” -Kneeboard Legend Frankie Panno

  • Inflatable Shock Absorbent kneeboard seat anatomically designed to fit any rider
  • Shock System cushions massive airs and relieves pressure off ankles, knees and lower back for effortless riding
  • Quickly inflate and deflate for easy travel
  • Easy Adjustable Strap for all rider sizes
  • Silicon seat grip ink to keep you locked into place
  • Compatible with all kneeboards
  • Allows you to get back on the board and remember why you ride

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