15_HO_Agent_Comp copyThe new 2015 Agent will still take its place atop the market with the same philosophy. “Go Big and Land Soft” still being the mantra for this deck. Starting with all new graphics for 2015. This year we have set ourselves apart again by using silk screen tops and bottoms of the new board. This allows for much richer graphics as well as drops the overall boards weight considerably. Still utilizing a 2-Stage Rocker, 3.5″ Nose Height and 1.125″ Tail Height, the Agent maximizes pop off all wake sizes. We Combined a Pin Tail Design with fully exiting Curved Flow Channels for a deep edge hold that maintains speed into the wake. Using the same rail profile that allows the Agent to ease into its full edging capability making trick transitions and wake approaches smooth. With the same Soft Landing Spine breaking the water’s surface upon touching down. The Agent is equipped with an all new softer EVA foam Kneeboot for optimized control & rider comfort, and our all new PannoLock double locking knee strap will keep you locked in.
When you watch Frankie Panno ride, you know you are witnessing something special. No one attacks the wakes like Frankie and his creative eye for cutting-edge stunts is single handedly pushing kneeboarding to new heights. HO is fortunate to have a legend and leader pushing kneeboarding and kneeboard product design to new levels. Frankie tweaked the 2016 kneeboard product line to his tastes. A beautifully silk screened top and base and softer density kneepad on his pro model Agent represent the pinnacle of kneeboarding. Check out Frankie’s latest ride!MORE INFO FROM HO SPORTS

GOING BIG NEVER FELT SO GOODPanno-Shock-2016 The Pannoshock is an inflatable shock system that cushions massive airs and relieves pressure off ankles, knees, and lower back for effortless riding. Compatible with any kneeboard made, Frankie’s PannoShock will only help to fuel the fire Frankie has started and launch the sport into the future. “After a major Trampoline training accident over 15 years ago, I had no choice but to come up with some way to ride without my knee closing all the way. I began development by cutting foam from pool floats util I got the right shape that worked. Now we have a shape that works for any rider on any kneeboard that’s also inflatable for easy travels and no extra weight while riding. Just adjust the amount of air that’s best for you and you’ll be able to ride a kneeboard again without crushing your ankles or back. This is a game changer for sure.” -Kneeboard Legend Frankie Panno

  • Inflatable Shock Absorbent kneeboard seat anatomically designed to fit any rider
  • Shock System cushions massive airs and relieves pressure off ankles, knees and lower back for effortless riding
  • Quickly inflate and deflate for easy travel
  • Easy Adjustable Strap for all rider sizes
  • Silicon seat grip ink to keep you locked into place
  • Compatible with all kneeboards
  • Allows you to get back on the board and remember why you ride

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ReflexThe Reflex is the first board ever designed for cable-park freestyle riding. It’s fully machined wood core allows for flex across features while the Sintered Enduro Base keeps it super durable. With a 45 degree Micro Edge Bevel, 360 degree ABS Sidewall and flat base allow for no hang-ups on rails & kickers. The Reflex’s continuous rocker provides the perfect shape & feel for cable park riding and winching but also works great behind the boat as forward and backward riding are made easy. We’ve also added a fully removable knee boot that allows the rider fore and aft adjustment. In addition, the PannoLock dual locking strap will keep you in tight as you ride. The Reflex kneeboard was designed to be the choice for the rider that calls a cable park his home. MORE INFO FROM HO SPORTS
protonAn integral part of our Atom series, the Proton is a twin tipped diamond shaped kneeboard with a thin profile and a continuous rocker for insane shredding at any ability level. Our cushy orthodic kneepad and flex zone belt strap will keep you in place on the deck and feeling good. For optimal control engage the Dual Option fin system and retract the fins for a looser feel. Getting started is easy with our pop up handle holder. MORE INFO FROM HO SPORTS
neutronAtoms wouldn’t exist without the Neutron and the same can be said about having a great summer. The Neutron has a twin tip design for multi directional shredding and a continuous rocker for huge airs and soft landings. The Neutron is shaped with molded in fins as well for extra edge hold and the cushy kneepad keeps you riding longer. A great kneeboard for all levels to the Neutron incorporates our easy pop up handle holder. MORE INFO FROM HO SPORTS

An Atom series favorite, the Electron kneeboard is the best entry level shred stick in the known world. Shaped with

a diamond tip and tail for quick release off the wake and effortless spin initiation the Electron is super fun ride. Including our easy up handle holder for deep water starts and fully adjustable comfort strap, the Electron is the best kneeboard for turning a general enthusiast into a hard core knee shredder. MORE INFO FROM HO SPORTS

New Panno Lock strap

With the sickest new graphic in years  and our proven kneeboard shape, the Joker is charging the wakes for all serious shredders. Utilizing a symmetrical profile the Joker rides switch with ease and it incorporates nose channels allowing you to lock in for fakie take offs & landings. The thin profile helps the kneeboard edge to the wake for the biggest tricks and the Jokers new softer EVA foam kneepad makes all landings soft and cushy. Strap in with HO’s new Pannolock double locking strap. MORE INFO FROM HO SPORTS

Double Locking Strap. Extra thick webbing for maximun durability. MORE INFO FROM HO SPORTS