Alisa Piper – Lake Placid Florida

Alisa Piper12 time National Kneeboard Champion & 4 time International Champion. I have been kneeboarding since the age of 2, competitive kneeboarding was always a family tradition I decided to give it a try 12 years ago and it stuck. My current titles make me the highest ranked female kneeboarder internationally.






Alisa Piper

Highlights / Current Titles

– 2012 Open Women Overall National Champion, 1st Place Tricks, 1st Place Slalom, 1st Place Women Freestyle, 1st Place Women Flip Out.-

-2012 American Kneeboard Association Female Athlete of the Year

-International Women Flip Out record: 5 Flips at 21.84 seconds

-International Rippers Division Slalom Champion, 2nd Place Tricks. Team USA awarded International Champions

Pushing women’s kneeboarding to the next level is what I live for, I hope to inspire girls everywhere to get out there and not be afraid of the wake and that going upside down isn’t just for the boys. I encourage anyone the next time they go out and ride to try kneeboarding and to get involved in a local club our sport needs growth and participation.



Alisa Piper