Frankie Panno Joins the Proud Tradition of Excellence at Centurion Boats as Newest Pro Team Member. Merced, CA April 22, 2012

Centurion Boats, in another demonstration of its pioneering commitment to the inboard boating experience, welcomes Frankie Panno, an accomplished watersports athlete as its newest professional watersports team member. Panno, with Centurion’s premier line of specialized watersports tow boats is revolutionizing the inboard boating lifestyle and experience.

Brian Allred, Centurion wakeboard team manager said, “We look forward to Frankie’s efforts at spring events and demos in his Centurion SV233. He is a tremendous ambassador and we’re excited to have him on Team Centurion!”

Frankie Panno brings a serious resume as a water sports athlete as well as an established prowess in marketing and highly-visible promotions at major sporting events. Panno has a track record of success elevating other marquis brands and outfitters over the last decade. His successes perfectly compliment Centurion’s solid tenure of innovation with over 40 years as a name synonymous with the best in recreational and high-performance boating including kneeboarding, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, wakeskating and water skiing.

Panno said, “After getting a chance to ride behind the Centurion Enzo a few weeks ago I knew this was the boat for me. I have been fortunate to ride behind a lot of boats and nothing compares to the pop off the wake that this boat has and the surf wake is nuts! I couldn’t be more proud to be added to the Centurion team and look forward to big things to come in the near future.”

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