Leigh Ward – Australia

1. Standout Memories: Definitely would have to be landing my first flip with all my mates in the boat. Everyone went mental including myselfhoochie

2. When did you first start riding? Where/Why? I grew up on the river, pretty much as soon as I could walk my parents had me behind a boat. The Kneeboard was the one thing my olds could never get me off.

3. Who/What inspires you? David Jennings inspires me to always try new things. His s-bend to blind is amazing.
And the thought I guess of always trying to push yourself as much as you can to be the very best that you can truly be

4. If you weren’t a kneeboarder, what would you be? Probably a wakeboarder, once again just love anything on the water and Wakeboarding has a very cool style as well.

5. Favorite site? Kneeboard planet, when I was a beginner kneeboarder I would always refer to this site for hints and tips on the tricks I wanted to try. I actually invented my own trick by combining to moves that I saw on this site

6. Top 3 Career Highlights? “landing the roadkill” winning my first state title, then continuing Online poker, blackjack, roulette … whatever is your favorite game, you can find it in an online casino. to go back to back” representing Australia at the words in Atlanta in 2011 and coming 4th in freestyle”

7. What’s it meant to you riding for HO Sports? I’ve grown up riding HO boards and have never thought about changing. So to be able to represent to company who’s board I love is a great feeling

8. Any other special talents
? I like to think I have many but apart from kneeboarding and most things behind a boat I’m just your typical aussie bloke

9. What pushes you? To be the best. And if I can’t be the best then be the best that I can bedouble up

10. Favorite Cross-training sport/activity Footy (AFL – Aussie rules)

11. Describe your riding style. I like to think i have good style and technique, I may not go as high as others but I’m always looking for that special something to make to trick look extra cool, whether it be a tweak or a grab, just something to give the trick an edge

12. Favorite Quote to live by: I won’t die defeated

13. Favorite song: I have lots of favorites but at the moment would have to be “AMITY AFFLICTION – I HATE HARTLEY”


1. Weapon of Choice: Favourite piece of eqmt/why? Well up until the agent came out it was the HO joker, but now it would definitely be the agent, the shape of the board allows you to open up a whole you trick book with hitting the wake backwards been a lot easier.
2. Date of Birth 15/8/1986
3. Hometown Adelaide, Australiatube
4. Hobbies footy,music,partying,travel,snowboarding,watersport,gym

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/#!/leigh.ward.10