Chris Dinse – Green Bay, Wisconsin

                Chris has been riding kneeboards since the age of 6. He is a member of the Northern Boarders kneeboarding club and performs on his board with the Waterboard Warriors Show Ski Team. He holds two national kneeboarding titles, and is the current men’s II national champ. Chris…

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Leigh Ward – Australia

1. Standout Memories: Definitely would have to be landing my first flip with all my mates in the boat. Everyone went mental including myself 2. When did you first start riding? Where/Why? I grew up on the river, pretty much as soon as I could walk my parents had me behind a boat. The Kneeboard…

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Alisa Piper – Lake Placid Florida

12 time National Kneeboard Champion & 4 time International Champion. I have been kneeboarding since the age of 2, competitive kneeboarding was always a family tradition I decided to give it a try 12 years ago and it stuck. My current titles make me the highest ranked female kneeboarder internationally.          …

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